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      January 2, 2020

      按住腰往上顶弄 滚烫

      46:41 – Pornographys effect on dating, plus tried and true tips for money management (part one), and initiating physical affection in a relationship.

      按住腰往上顶弄 滚烫

      Looking Back Before Looking Forward

      Looking back and remembering what God has done for us will help us look forward this year.

      The Kindness of an Airport Violinist

      One persons kindness can make all the difference. As I celebrate Christmas, I want to spread that kindness in my own ways to bless others the way I have been blessed.

      Why This Christmas Wont Be Perfect

      Because of Christmas, we have hope that God will always be with us in our loneliness and disappointment and grief, and that He will redeem all of it.

      Pack More Meaning Into This Years Christmas Gifts

      Weve all heard that its more blessed to give than to receive. Thats especially true when what you give builds stronger relationships.

      A Single Adults Christmas Bucket List

      Lets make this a Christmas to remember!

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